kafkakitty: Hi :) your photographs are very beautiful, I was wondering if it were okay for me draw from them? I will give you complete credit plus link you and all. Thanks!

Hey! I’m really flattered, yeah go right ahead (credits and all) and be sure to send me a link to the work, I’d love to see it!

Danielle @ Elmer Olsen / MUA Erin Heather / 2013
                                  Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio
                                                     (Hamlet, V.i)

                                  (Uncropped version, I had to share!) 
Threshold #1 and #2 in gif form! 
Threshold #24x5 Ilford HP5June 2014
Click for better image quality!
Humberto, age 19Iford Delta 100 (In love with this film *_*)June 2014
Click for better resolution. Tumblr’s compression is reallllly bad! :(
Working with natural light again after months in the studio.WHHEEEEEEEEEEE~~~
allyssaolaivar: P.S. Can I PLEASE paint you and perhaps sell it in the future? The one in your recent post. :) I will put the due credit and all.

Bahaha go right ahead, I’d love to see it :3

allyssaolaivar: You look like the "Girl With A Pearl Earring" of Vermeer. Seriously! :)

That’s funny ‘cause in the 11th grade I painted this self portrait  ◕‿◕。